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Dream’s Gate



Negin Ahmadi


Elaheh Nobakht, Reza Taba


DREAM’S GATE is an observational documentary where the Iranian female director Negin Ahmadi starts a personal journey into the combat zone of North Syria to question what it means to be a woman. Alone with her camera, she decides to search for some answers by encountering the women who embody the strongest contemporary myth of female strength and freedom: Kurdish female fighters.
Negin crosses the border into Syria looking for them. But Kurdish fighters don’t let foreigners enter their territory or film their privacy. As days pass by, Negin gets closer to Nasrin Abdulahh, a 36-year-old Kurdish top commander who trains new recruits and allows her in. She follows Nasrin and is allowed to film every day a little more… Negin finally gains access to the group of women fighters. She begins a conversation that will last for months. Who are you? Whom am I?
The personal search and internal struggles turn into an intimate women diary written in the first person. Following, sharing, witnessing the life of this other Kurdish women put into question the image that the director has of herself and of the cost of equality and freedom in this difficult region.\.

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